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Count Alexis, Merry Adventures of Bachelor

Count Alexis, Merry Adventures of Bachelor




"Count Alexis, Merry Adventures of Bachelor" is a classic Victorian erotic novel, published in 1890. It contains graphic sexual descriptions and themes.
    Her alabaster bosoms which were heaving with emotion, appeared like two hemispheres. He kissed them ardently, then passing behind her, he untied her skirts and raising the lady in his arms, lifted her out of the mass of clothing which had fallen around her feet, leaving her in her drawers and corset only.
    He had no need to recommend that she remain perfectly still; she did not attempt to make a movement. He finally took off her drawers and corset and the contour of an admirably beautiful form was seen through her only remaining garment, a fine cambric chemise. It showed a superb bottom and a pair of magnificent thighs.
    Seizing her by the middle of the body, he gently laid her across his knees on her belly and raised her chemise. Between the slightly parted legs could be seen a thick mass of blonde hair.
    Her white thighs were as smooth as satin and as firm as marble.


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Publisher: Erotica-ebooks


ISBN: 9788866610229





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