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Parisian Frolics

Parisian Frolics



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A lady, young, fresh, extremely pretty and stylishly though quietly dressed, tripped daintily along a street in the neighbourhood of the Madeleine, in Paris, then disappeared into a respectable house, ran quickly up the stairs to the first floor and nervously pressed the button of the electric bell.

The tinkle had hardly ceased when the door was open by a neat maid who ushered the visitor into a handsome drawing-room in which were assembled sundry other ladies, all young and fashionably dressed, but all wearing the pre-occupied air of persons about to have an interview with, say, their doctor or their solicitor.

Presently, as if awaiting the new-comer, the mistress of the house appeared – tall, slender, exquisitely attired in black silk with a dainty head-dress of the style adopted by many English ladies of a certain age, possibly because of the undoubted air of distinction it confers. She smiled pleasantly at her young visitor as she shook hands with her; then with a murmured apology, she turned towards two of the other ladies and said: “Your friends have arrived and are awaiting you M – whereupon they rose and retired, smiling their thanks.

Turning again to her young visitor, she said affectionately: – “My dear, some one is waiting also to see you, a gentleman, one of my best friends. If you are willing to let him make your acquaintance, I shall be happy to introduce him to you.”

This “good friend” was none other than myself! The house belonged to Madame de Saint-Edme, the most obliging of women and also the most tactful of her sex in the delicate mission of creating and establishing the most intimate of relations between persons of opposite sexes who desired to avail themselves of such services. To pretty women pressed for money or inconvenienced by their sexual appetites and desires, to mistresses “en titre” seeking to increase or supplement their alimony, and to married women who found their allowances insufficient or their husbands’ powers not equal to the marital duties desired from them, Mme. de Saint-Edme’s discreet chambers offered the safest and pleasantest of opportunities for the acceptance incognito of financial or other assistance from gentlemen. Similarly she was ready to provide for gentlemen of amorous proclivities satisfactory opportunities of satisfying their carnal desires by the favours of impecunious ladies – thus avoiding on the one side a lengthy pursuit and on the other resistance before surrender.

Further again, those who loved to indulge in Lesbian practices found at her house a convenient rendezvous where they could revel in the enjoyment of their sweet fantasy with the wished-for object of their desire, or (in her absence) they could there without difficulty come across girls who understood and shared their tastes, and who desired nothing better than to either bestow or receive the lingual caresses so dear to tribades, lending themselves adorably to either of the two functions.

To old and trusted habitués (the younger fry being absolutely debarred unless there was not the slightest doubt as to their fidelity and discretion) she allowed the privilege of assisting at Lesbian-Priapus fetes and representations to which were also invited such ladies as wished to be present and whose discretion was assured – the lively feminine contingent knowing they had nothing to fear on such occasions where modesty was conspicuous by its absence.

She for who I was waiting was, according to Mme. de Saint-Edme, a debutante in libertinage who had so far honoured her house once only with her presence. Said Mme. de Saint-Edme to me:

“I wanted you to be first to enjoy her, but you were unfortunately in the country when she finally plucked up her courage to visit me, having disappointed me twice previously. I wished very much that one of my good friends had been then on the spot, but alas, there were none! – And from fear of letting her slip away again, I introduced a casual visitor to her and she let him enjoy her! It was a rare good piece of luck for him, but now, at all events, we have caught our little bird.”

Despite her cynically immoral principles, this excellent woman had the considerate delicacy to let her lady clients have a peep in secret at their respective proposed male companions, to decide whether they were pleased with them. Some fancied dark men, others fair – some admired beards, others preferred the simple moustache. Hot blooded and passionate women sought for muscular strength coupled with distinction; cold blooded ones were more solicitous about the price they would receive for their favours. To these latter, the preliminary peep was only a formality of secondary importance.

It is no use to run counter to tastes – to clash with caprices. The ladies that were satisfied by their preliminary peep were forthwith conducted to the destined chamber and the introduction effected, a similar privilege and opportunity of inspecting his proposed lady companion having been accorded to the male client.

But as a rule these preliminaries were purely formal – thanks to the care that Mme. de Saint-Edme took to bring together suitable partners, – thanks also to the skill with which she described to each in turn the charms of the other. And when the happy man was conducted to the allotted chamber (carefully furnished with every requirement a loving pair could desire) arid introduced to the lady (who invariably made a pretence of doing needlework or reading when he was ushered in) Mme. de Saint-Edme would disappear, the sequel not concerning her.

But when it was a case of a debutante she took care never to be far away! – for it was at the critical moment that the courage of the former failed them. “No! no! – not now! – not to-day! – ”they would not infrequently exclaim – and run out of the room. Then Mme. de Saint-Edme would intercept them in the corridor, – and by means of her soothing caresses and persuasive words, she would induce them to stay. Then she would take them to another room and induce them to undress, – then whisper soothingly and encouragingly: “Now dear, you are all right – I will go and bring him myself to you!” – and the episode would terminate with a bout of love made all the more delicious by the ardour imparted to the lover by a resistance that could only indicate that the girl he was about to enjoy was a novice in such matters!

But it must not be supposed that all the debutantes gave this trouble. After their second – and very often on their first visit – the majority of girls would not make any serious resistance to even the most audacious and libertine actions of their male companions. Very often indeed, instead of resorting to airs of startled innocence in order to stimulate their partner’s lust, they would endeavour to attain to the same end by arraying themselves in the most provocative and décolleté costumes! Among her other virtues, Mme. de Saint-Edme was able to give the best of advice as to the toilette to be adopted towards this end. It was not for nothing that she had been for years in one of the leading Parisian modiste’s establishments.

In this situation, she had amassed much by pecuniary gifts from the clientele, both for her suggestions and still more for her services as a “broker-in-love,” and the friendly relations she thus inspired invariably remained unimpaired.

On this occasion the lady whose favours had been retained for me had simply removed her hat, and I held mine respectfully in my hand while being introduced to her in the following words – “My dear, let me introduce to you the gentleman and friend regarding whom I have spoken to you!”

She turned to greet me, when – good Heaven! – I recognised a young cousin of mine! In our preliminary peeps we had seen each other but imperfectly, – her face had been in a great measure hidden by her matinee hat while it was no doubt my beard that made her fail to recognise me, for many years had passed since we had seen each other.

“Why? – it is you, Gilberte!”

I was puzzled to know what to do! Would it be advisable straightway to respect her and give up any attempt to induce her to accord to me favours she had evidently come prepared to accord to a stranger? Or should I treat her as if she was of easy morality, and without circumlocution address to her proposals that I would have made to any other woman I met under similar circumstances, and which I was justified in assuming would not be unwelcome to her? But women are so odd, their ideas of morality so extraordinary! – and some who would in occasions submit themselves without hesitation to the grossest lubricity would on other occasions resent the least attempt at a liberty! At all events ladies that came to Mme. de Saint-Edme’s chambers

Mme. de Saint-Edme at once saw that she had unwittingly created an awkward situation – that she had “put her foot” into it! She stood dumbfounded! I begged her to leave us to ourselves.

The situation was piquant! This cousin was the “petite cousine” of authors, the “petite cousine” of youthful amorous indiscretions and yearnings which had not come to anything owing to her early marriage and the subsequent impossibility of rendezvous, – and further, at such a time a woman does not lend herself to amorous adventures. I now found her grown into a beautiful woman, – and under surroundings that (to me, at least) afforded an opportunity of reviving our youthful mutual passion and of carrying it to a satisfactory denouement.

She dropped her eyes in confusion! I took her hands gently in mine, and while assuring her that she could absolutely rely on my discretion I added that if she would like to go away she was at perfect liberty to do so and that I would never breathe a single word as to this meeting. But as my noble and chivalrously virtuous declaration did not produce any response, the mere man in me began to assert itself – and imperiously too! – as I contemplated the tumultuous heaving of her breasts under her dainty corsage and the betrayal by them of her emotions!

“Speak, Gilberte!” No answer. “Would you like me to go away?” Still silence. could hardly expect to be considered as strictly virtuous – and Gilberte must rank herself with them! But our cousinly relationship – which at an ordinary society function would have assisted me – here was a positive handicap to both of us: I represented to Gilbert her family, her respectability, her past life, her girlish days!

I must confess that the memories of these latter were such as afforded to both of us a pretext for reviving the past in the present. In our youthful amusements we had not troubled to respect our mutual modesty I Stolen kisses, caresses of tongue against tongue, indiscreet ramblings of inquisitive hands under clothes, – all had brought us to the very threshold of the supreme pleasure. One day, when hidden in a barn with her, my hand had found its way to her little girlish cunny which it strove to excite by an active finger – while her little hands were amusing themselves with my prick as it stood rampant and stiff in her honour! But nothing else had transpired, and we had not met again, until now.

I reminded her of this, – she smiled, and little by little let fall her constraint, whether real or simulated.

“Don’t speak of it!” she said – “we were sillies!”

“We certainly were, because we did not take advantage of our opportunities! But now that we have so unexpectedly met?...”

“Tell me, – didn’t you know who I was when you came in?”

“Honestly, I did not.”

“Well, suppose that you had made me out, would you then have come in?”

“It is possible that I might have considered it better in your interests to disappear, – but I should have done so with great regret, for you were looking so lovely! And you? – if you had recognised me?”

“I should have run away!”

“But why? Do you think I cannot appreciate your charms as well as any one else?”

“Oh!... But you and another man are two very different things! – you are a relative – and I had not come here for the purpose of meeting my family.”

“I don’t suppose you did!” I replied laughing. “But it is so easy for us to forget that we are relatives. I have only to think of you as a charming young lady I have for the first time met, – and you have only to allow me to make to this charming young lady declarations and proposals to which I am sure she would like to listen much more than to remonstrances she might fear!”

“It seems to me so strange that I should be here at all with you! – I feel my presence here is so extraordinary – so upsetting!”

“Then, if we were to go on with our last meeting in the old barn, the sin (if any) would seem to you to be less grave and less piquant, – in fact almost allowable, as in marriage?”

“You’re talking nonsense!... Of course not!... But to be seen by you here makes me feel as if everybody I know is also looking at me!”

“Then you don’t care about doing this sort of thing before the world?”

Gilberte laughed frankly. I saw at once to what extent I should have adopted a false policy and how weak I should have been had I treated with an excess of respect a girl who, although my cousin, had of her own accord come to a house resorted to only by those who wished for a gratification of their sexual passions and desires! In fact, with any one else but her, I would before now have put myself in possession of charms which would have been surrendered to me kindly, – while had she been with any one else but me, she would not have concealed them from the eyes and no doubt the kisses of her happy companion!

“Well,” I continued, “I don’t know who you are, – it is the first time I have seen you. Mme. de Saint-Edme told me that she would introduce me to a charming girl who was visiting her for the first time, who proves to be even prettier that I could have anticipated, and who will, I trust, prove not less unkind than the others to whom Madame has introduced me and who have been good enough to amuse themselves with me here. May I ask what is your Christian name?”

“Gilberte,” she replied laughing.

“Gilberte! What a pretty name! Well now, Gilberte, let me help you to take off your hat and cloak.”

When I had hung these up; I passed my arm round her waist and kissed her on her mouth clasping her to me as I did so.

“You come here very seldom, I understand?” I said, – “I have not had the good fortune to meet you before.”

“This is my first visit, Monsieur,” she replied, entering into the spirit of the game.

“Really! But I think it cannot be the first time that you have left your husband in the lurch-for you look to me like a young married woman?”

“You are indiscreet, Monsieur!”

“Weel – I won’t press my curiosity any further! – at all events it is very sweet of you to allow others to share with him in enjoying your charms.”

Seating myself on a sofa, I drew her gently on to my knees, – I repeated my kisses on her mouth while my hand wandered inquisitively over her corsage. She laughed, – then exclaimed “Oh! Monsieur!” in the most natural way.

Then my hand descended a little, and pressed against and between her thighs over her dress. Her hand tried to push mine away! I yielded, – but only to pull up her skirts, in order to touch the bare flesh of what I had been feeling over her clothes! Gently I groped her calves, knees and thighs.

“Oh I... what are you doing, Monsieur?”

“Only trying to learn if you wear your garters above or below your knees. “’ Above, always!”

You have such sweet calves!” My hand climbed a little higher, – her skin was so soft and sweet!

“Oh!... oh!... you’re tickling me!... No!... no!...”

“Why!... your drawers are closed in front!...”

“Ha!... ha!... oh! take away your hand!... you’re tickling me!...”

“Oh!... now I’ve got to it!... Oh!... what a lot of hair you have! Ever so much more than you had in the barn!”

“What barn?

“Ah!... pardon me!... I was forgetting!”

In spite of the re-appearance of the cousin under the lover, she did not stop or even hinder my delicious rovings among and over her most secret charms! This proceeding no doubt pleased her better than any sentimental modesty on my part, – it also pleased me better! Arranging her comfortably on my knees, my hand set to work to explore the delightfully rounded contours of her bottom – which I found plump, firm and springy.

“Madame,” I said – “what lovely globes you have – real Maps of the World!... Very few girls have anything like your bottom, – so hard and so elastic!”

“What a comical name, Map of the World! Why?”

“Because there are there the two half-globes of the world. Do let me see them. Let me take off your corset! Oh! what a troublesome corset! Ah! now it is off! Oh! what lovely breasts! so nice and firm, as firm as your bottom!”

“Hush! you mustn’t talk like that!”

“You are simply charming – delicious. I am charmed to make your acquaintance! No woman has ever inflamed me with desires to such an extent.”

I seized her hand and placed it on the unmistakable proof of the desires with which she had inspired me! She called me “polisson,” which in the mouth of a woman is an encouragement to go still further, – and declared that I had not improved, I whom she had considered sentimental! I confessed to her that I was no longer so – that sentiment between men and women only tended to waste time and delay the pleasures of love.

“You then no longer are sentimental?” I asked.

“As you find me here you can see for yourself. Anyhow, all women sentimental or not, who talk about it, manage to finish in the same way, either sooner or later.”

You are making nice distinctions. You make me think you are a little student in love matters.”

“Well, as to that, I fancy I shall be still more so as soon as I escape out of your arms. You have a way of effecting this: I shall emerge from this truly accomplished.”

This phrase spoken with a delicious smile, with that look that a woman knows how to use when she wishes to undress a man with her eyes and say to him, “Now come, let me see your,” – this passage of words transported me with desire in indicating to me a horizon of endless pleasures with my lively cousin. I clasped her lovingly in my arms, exchanging, tongue-kisses with her, – then prayed her to undress herself.

I assisted her, seizing every opportunity for deliciously touching her bare flesh, intoxicated by the sweet fragrance emanating from her undergarments which she had carefully selected – for every woman knows that the charms of her person are a treasure to be placed in a suitable frame to fairly show its beauty to the eyes privileged to view it.

Very soon she only had on her chemise! – in a jiffy I was in a similar costume: then after the necessary toilet we laid ourselves on the bed, closely clasped in each others arms, and abandoned ourselves to the sweet preliminaries to bliss.

“You will be discreet, eh?” said my cousin as she surrendered herself to me. To be so was of course as much to my interest as to hers.

Very soon she allowed herself to be invaded by symptoms of pleasure. Her lovely breasts began rapidly to heave, – her eyes half closed languorously. Was it real, or was she only pretending as part of her assumed role of a woman of pleasure? As she afterwards admitted that she had perfectly recognised me at the first and had allowed me to be introduced to her fully knowing the reason of my presence, it is quite possible that my handling and fingering of her naked body had the same rapid and sweet effect on her as when we indulged in our youthful escapades. As a matter of fact, it is the restless women who feel most sensitively the hand that caresses them. Gilberte, I recollect, used to go off at once, like a thoroughbred to the least pressure of the bit, – and now she had become a woman, she evidently had preserved this precious quality. Anyhow, on my part, I was soon burning with the hottest lust. The girl I held in my arms inspired me at one and the same time with a craving for orgies such as one would indulge in with ladies of professed easy virtue, and the rage for such forbidden fruit gained additional piquancy from the fact that she was my cousin.

At my request she took off her chemise and displayed herself to me, naked, her lovely body relieved by the thicket of silky hairs that formed a triangular shadowing at the extremity of her rounded stomach, her nakedness being emphasized by her shoes and stockings which she had kept on, by her garters which she adjusted above her knees when pulling her stockings tight. The little coquette knew well how a naked girl can heighten the effect of her nudity! Then I felt and handled her all over, – I kissed and sucked her breasts. I thrust my nose under her arm-pits, diving amid the tufts of hair. There is nothing that imparts to one’s desires so alluring a frenzy as the breathing of the “odor di femina” of the sweet body that has surrendered itself to you. My fingers nevertheless employed themselves in curling and twisting and playing with the mossy covering of her plump cunt, one of them caressing the delicious slit into which it soon forced its way, for the first time since our adventure in the barn. At that time, this cunny and slit were virgin! but my pleasure lost but little through this detail – for then her breasts were not so sweet a handful, her thighs were not so fat and round, her hips were not so full and plump, while the little hand that I had taught to play with my prick (oh! so timidly) was not so clever and soft. Her mouth then was not so skilled in the art of kissing, – while her chaste little ears would have closed themselves if I had whispered to them all that I was now softly murmuring to them while I gently agitated my finger over her clitoris.

“And what about this little pussy, this sweet little pussy? Does it love catching and eating mice? I will gladly give it mine!”

“It is a very big mouse, this one!”

“Girls like large pricks in their cunts! They are also charmed when a male tongue is applied. I want to apply mine to your cunt, – I want to dominette to you! You know what that is?”

She answered me simply with a smile. Promptly I placed my mouth on her closely clustering hairs (Gilberte was a lovely brunette). I nibbled them with my lips, inhaling delightedly their fragrant perfume tempered with rice-powder and Eau de Lubin. Even as a young girl, this was her favorite scent, but then she did not apply it to this part of herself, no doubt in ignorance of the arts of provoking and spicing the audacious kisses that make the coldest girls faint with pleasure. But cold she never was, – and when my mouth settled itself on her cunt, when my tongue insinuated itself gently between its lips in search of the little spot in which a woman’s sexual pleasure is concentrated, unmistakable symptoms indicating the most exquisite delight gave me to understand that she knew well how to taste this caress. One of her legs was thrown across my back and held me firmly to her, and I could feel the little heel of her dainty shoe dig into my ribs like a spur: the other foot she extended right down my front and against my prick and I could feel the soft leather that was rubbing against it.

Oh! what ecstasies! I could hear the broken breathings of my voluptuous companion, – I could feel her body quivering under the thrusts of my tongue, and the cheeks of her bottom wriggle in my hands as they gripped them. I felt her frenziedly press down my head between her thighs so as to let her taste every tongue-thrust. And I, twenty times was I on the point of flooding my cousin’s shoe with the torrent of my discharge, – but I preferred to dispose of it otherwise. So at length, I released myself from her sweet clasp and placed myself again alongside of her on the sofa.

“Was it good? – did I do it properly?” I whispered to her.

“Very sweet indeed, you naughty man! It is very evident that you were not doing it for the first time!”

“And you? – is it the first time that you?...”

“You are horrid!”

“Ha! ha! Then you like having it done to you, eh!”

“All women do! But what do you think of one of my friends who declares she commits no infidelity towards her husband when she lets a man do her in this way?”

“I think I know her. Is she not a tall fair girl called Angela?”

“Yes. So you know her?”

“She comes here!”

“But how do you know that she is the one I mean?”

“Well! it is the same name, and she won’t let a man do anything else to her but this.”

“And have you then done it to her?”

“Yes! – I must admit it! – and it was well worth my while! But did she not also tell you that she confines her ministrations to her husband to this same one way?”

“Which way?”

I placed my finger softly on her mouth. Gilberte broke into laughter and asked if I had let Angela do me in the same way.

“Of course! – and what’s more, I begged her to do it as she did not do any other way.”

“Oh you men! – you dreadful men! Monsieur Henri!” (my Christian name). “I would not have believed you to be so... so...”

“So naughty? But in love many things that are naughty are also nice. But tell me – has no one ever asked you nicely to do it?”

“If I could say that no one had ever made such a request of me, I would not be able to say so for long – for I can read your intention in those eyes that are sparkling with lust!”

Ah! – so I have missed also the virginity of your mouth! And so you have already committed this sweet sin! Was it in this house? Tell me all about it?”

“I don’t remember!”

“Oh yes you do! – now do tell me, – whisper in my ear as if you were with your confessor!”

“You’re a fine confessor.”

“At all events not a cruel one! Listen:

Ma fille pour penitence,

Et ron, ron, ron, petit patapon,

Ma fille, pour penitence,

Nous recommencerons.

“Come, I’ll give you a start! – you’ve done it once, twice, thrice, the first time out of curiosity, the second...”

“Oh! once will do!... I think I was mad that day!... A girl friend had invited me to supper with her and her lover, – and after dessert we all were a trifle squiffy! They told me all sorts of naughty stories, and they didn’t mind what they did before me! In short, I watched them do all sorts of things till I was completely upset and excited beyond my self-control!... till unable to stand their teasing and challenges I let myself go in rivalry of my friend’s libertinage and let her see me do with her lover all that she herself had just done with him!”

“And your friend was not jealous? And this is how you learnt this sweet little vice?”

“Alas! yes, – I must admit it!”

It is a well established fact that it is by their own sex and not by men that women are initiated into the most ingenious refinements of lust: and Casanova correctly recognised the fact when he maintained that a gallant who could manage to bring to one and the same rendezvous two girls hitherto enjoyed by him separately, would realise with the two together the most erotic of debauches. But as far as I was concerned, I was going to take advantage of what I had so happily found out, – and so continued to play my part as Gilberte’s Father Confessor.

“Very good, my daughter!” I said to her. “And since then, how often?”

“I haven’t done it since, Father,” she replied laughing.

“My daughter, you must be nearly a saint! But nevertheless you must do penance!”

Et pour penitence

Nous recommencerons, ron, ron

Nous recommencerons.

She resisted a little, saying that she was not worked up as on that occasion, that she didn’t wish to do it again, that she had promised herself not to repeat the performance... But the example of her friend which I recalled to her soon overcame these feeble, hesitations – coming as they did from her head and not from her inclination.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, as she bent down towards the object that stood rampant and stiff, burning to receive her caress. – “I don’t think Angela would have waited till she was asked twice! – she loves doing it! Say!” she added with a malicious smile, “when we were in the old barn we didn’t get as far as this, eh?”

Her soft hand guided my pego towards her lips and I felt it enter into her mouth, the moist warmth of which caused a delicious quiver of pleasure from my thighs to my loins. For a beginner she acquitted herself divinely: she took my prick well into her mouth, and with the recollection of her friend’s methods in her mind, she set to work to give me the most intense pleasure in her power! Oh! my exquisite bliss!... my delirious sensations! Twenty times I was on the point of spending!... twenty times did I make her moderate her sweet suction so as to avoid spending, to postpone for the moment the ecstatic crisis!... twenty times did I ask myself in my rapturous transports whether I might let myself go! whether I might not expire deliciously in the mouth of the sweet girl whose fair head I could see as it rose and fell in cadence with the agitated movements of my body!

When a man is being thus blissfully ministered to by a woman who has a taste for this method – a taste that is more common than people believe, and which sometimes betrays its votaries when they are in the act of eating thick asparagus – and has reason to guess it, he can fairly let the sweet operation pursue its natural course and deposit his spermatic nectar on the pretty lips or in the dear mouth that has extracted it from him. But it is not less delicious to pour it, tripled in quantity by such a caress, into a cunt prepared by a similar caress and burning to receive it! And I shrewdly believe that while women may be willing on subsequent occasions to receive in their mouths the tribute of their lover’s ardour, they are reluctant to do so on the first occasion on which they consent to effect this sweetest of ministrations!

Accordingly, placing my hand softly on her forehead, I reluctantly arrested the up and down movement of my cousin’s head as she sucked my prick with a frenzy that seemed to indicate that she was fully sharing the pleasure she was giving me!

She looked at me in surprise, as if astonished at being stopped before the appearance of the unmistakable indication that her sweet duty had been accomplished! – the fact being that her friend (whose performance she had witnessed and was now following) never stopped her sucking until the “situation had been liquidated!” – as good Mine de Saint-Edme put it. And possibly on that memorable evening Gilberte also had... ! Not having the skill of her Father Confessor, my interrogatories on this point had not been sufficiently direct and her confession remained incomplete!

So Gilberte, with a flushed and rosy face and moist lips, got up, and placing herself by me asked me if she had done it properly.

“Most charmingly, dearie, – quite as well as your friend!” I murmured as I kissed her on her mouth and passed my tongue over her lips all wet and humid!” Now darling, come!... on me, eh!”

Without a moment’s delay she placed herself on top astride of me, – and Quickly I shoved into her cunt my prick all moist with her kisses!

Suddenly, while lying on me thus transfixed and clasped in my arms, quivering with pleasure and jogging herself up and down in rhythm with my movements, she whispered, “But when you were... with my... friend... how... did you... do it... for she won’t do... what we... are now doing... ?”

“You must know!... a pretty woman... is... all cunt!...”

“You... dreadful man!... So... it was in her... mouth... always?...”

“Well!... Yes!... But you... are forcing... secrets... out of me.”

“Then why... didn’t you do so... with me?... I... was doing... the same thing... to... you?...”

“Are you... sorry... I didn’t?...”

“No!... I only... wanted to know!”

“Well, because... I fancied... you didn’t care... only... for this... like Angela!”

“That was very kind of you!... Well... one won’t get... children... that way... that’s something!...”

“So... next time... you wish me... to... spend... in your mouth... like... Angela does?”

She smiled, nodded her head slightly, – then closed her eyes voluptuously as if not to lose a single particle of the pleasure that was now thrilling through her whole person. For a moment I had an idea of resuming the sweet exercise we had just abandoned, – but the keenness of my present pleasure retained me at my delicious post beneath her! For the most exquisite of crises was approaching! Our tongues intertwined, our lips met, our movements accelerated!... oh!... now!... now!” Oh!”

Just at the critical moment, I took the precaution to swing Gilberte from the danger of presenting me with more cousins! I spent wildly outside her, my discharge shooting up into the air and falling like hot rain on her bottom and loins!

We had half-dressed ourselves again when we heard a knock at the door. It was Mme. de Saint-Edme, who had come to see if we wanted anything. We asked her to bring us some refreshments. She seemed delighted and relieved to note from our dishabille that not unpleasant sequel had followed her mistake in introducing us to each other.

In due course my cousin, now fully dressed and gloved, gave me a parting kiss through her veil, – and before leaving me arranged with me a further rendez-vous, – at which I promised myself (with a thrill of concupiscence) the pleasure of treating her as I did her friend Angela. I then called a carriage for her, a concluding attention that a woman appreciates after an amorous escapade.

“Well,” said Mme. de Saint-Edme to me after Gilberte had gone, “so you are satisfied! I was terribly afraid of scandal when I saw you knew that lady! Is she a relation of yours?”

“No. I used to know her when she was a young girl!”

“Oh! Well, I was very afraid of a scene!”

“Thanks to me, dear lady, there wasn’t one!”

“I do thank you, – but some how I felt sure that you would arrange the matter without any scandal: another thing that reassured me was the air of distinction the lady had, – a woman of that caste hates a row. J feel the same also: do what you like, – amuse yourself as you may wish with ladies, – all this concerns nobody else, and does harm to no one!”

“Rather the contrary,” I rejoined.

“But do it in the proper way, – maintain appearances!

“Pleasure coupled with discretion – that’s my rule!”

“Oh! I’m not referring to you, – it’s a pleasure to do anything for you! But all the same, when you asked me to leave the room, you looked a little afraid!

“But now, you are reassured?”

“Oh! now she has once passed through your hands, she will be all right.”

On the day arranged between Gilberte and myself, I attended at Mme. de Saint-Edme’s house. She escorted me to the chamber she had got ready for us, where she left me alone. I was the first at the rendez-vous, – and I must have waited some little time when she came in to tell me that my fair cousin had just arrived but that just at that moment a lady “habitué” had stopped her in the corridor and was expressing surprise at meeting her here.

“Why, Gilberte!” she had exclaimed -” I never thought of meeting you here! – you always used to say you dared not come! Have you come then to meet somebody?”

As Gilberte, surprised unpleasantly, hesitated – not knowing what to say, Mme. de Saint-Edme came up and told her that her visitor had already arrived, – whereupon the other lady had remarked that it was a pity, but nevertheless continued her conversation.

This lady (I had very little doubt) was the blonde friend of Gilberte, Angela de Valencay, an adopted name, as I learnt later on, without my having done anything to pierce the veil of anonymity with which she (like the rest) strove to hide her visits for the purposes of satisfying and gratifying her secret passions.

“At all events, she does not seem to be jealous!” I asked Mme. de Saint-Edme.

“Not in the least. She would not mind lending her lovers to her friends. But she objects strongly to any one being jealous of her. That seems fair enough.”

Gilberte had not yet appeared.

“If she lets herself begin chattering with her friend, you may have to wait a long time,” said Mme. de Saint-Edme. “But it is all right – here they come, both of them. Ladies, you are being anxiously waited for!”

“Oh! no one’s waiting for me!” exclaimed Mme. de Valencay, – “all have made their arrangements for their fuckings and fun, for I notice the refreshments all over the place.”

She indicated a table on which stood afternoon tea already laid out, which I had ordered in anticipation of Gilberte’s arrival. I invited her to join us.

“But shan’t I be in the way?” she replied. “Two turtle-doves like best to be alone! Very well – if I shall not be in the way, I will join you with pleasure, – only you must tell me when I am to disappear. You will respect my modesty, I am sure!”

But as she spoke she looked at me in a way that sufficiently indicated that her wishes were the very opposite of her words: her ardent glances seemed intended to recall to me past pleasures shared together and to invite me to the further joys she was evidently ready to give me. Dressed simply in a black costume, and carrying herself in a quiet manner but with an air of distinction, there was nothing about her to betray the lascivious desires that had brought her here, or the lecherous fashion in which she was ready to conduct herself – unless it was that peculiar glance that allowed one to detect, beneath the woman dressed, the naked woman, and behind perfect Society manners the intimate familiarity with the most daring libertinage.

While she was apologising to Gilberte for the liberty she was allowing herself to take, I had called for another plate and had dismissed her cab: for she had said that she hesitated to rejoin a cab that had been waiting at the door so long, – a feeling and accession of shame that a woman on an amorous escapade will well understand and which is often experienced when the time comes for her to quit the sweet seclusion in which she has been surrendering herself to her lust.

Then when the ladies had removed their hats and mantles we sat down at the table. Thus I found myself between two pretty women, one a blonde, the other almost a brunette – a charming contrast! Each of them had been enjoyed by me separately, – but this fact did not in the least diminish the power of their charms over me, – and their joint presence, the sweet proximity of these two appetizing feminine bodies to me aroused in my flesh the wildest lust which I hoped in turn to communicate to them.

The idea that each of them had been previously enjoyed by me made them both somewhat constrained at first, especially Gilberte, who seemed almost jealous: but very soon, under the soothing influence of “five o’clock tea” skilfully prepared, snatched kisses and licentious handlings, this slight constraint disappeared like dew under a morning sun. My mouth hotly attacked theirs alternately, – my tongue greedily sought theirs in turn, finding them only too ready to respond. Finally, when I was busily occupied with Gilberte, sucking his tongue, while my hands actively wandered all over her, unbuttoning her dress and stealing up her legs under her clothes till it reached the silken haired centre of attraction which my finger then sought to inflame, I felt Mme. de Valencay’s hand pass over my trousers and attempt to drag into the air my torch of love, now fully alight and getting stiffer and stiffer in her fingers! Then away went all reserve! I begged them to undress or at all events to throw open their clothes so as to let me see, feel, handle and kiss more at my ease the two pairs of lovely breasts of which now I could only get a glimpse.

“But I say,” exclaimed Mme. de Valencay laughingly, “if you’re going to ask your guest to undress herself, your invitation in place of being a simple one to lunch will be one including a dance!”

“When a lady is invited to a dinner,” I replied, “she naturally expects to stay and see the fun that is sure to follow.”

“Ah! a play for three, eh?” she rejoined gaily, “but not arranged by the ballet-master of the Opera! Well, there’s no reason why it should prove any the less entertaining, is there Gilberte?”

Gilberte smiled, half-pleased, half-vexed, – not from any sense of attended propriety but from a sort of feeling that as a comparative novice in amorous orgies she might have to play second fiddle to her friend! But her semi-hesitation only added a piquancy to her final surrender of herself, and did not hinder a woman of my cousin’s disposition from letting herself go freely to learn fresh experiences in lust.

Mme. de Valencay was already busy (in accordance with my request) to release from their confinement the two prisoners whom I had begged her to set at liberty. To effect this she had taken off her light blue silk stays, – and my lady readers will fully comprehend how the removal of a corset causes the dropping of petticoats unless held up by the hand: Mme. de Valencay did not bother to do this, and so when the exciting rustling noise made by feminine garments being hurriedly taken off and thrown on a chair had ceased, she had on only a half-transparent chemise when she returned smilingly to my side! Gilberte, after a little pressing, followed suit, and soon was similarly attired. As for me, I rapidly divested myself of all my clothes, – and Mme. de Valencay’s hand – Gilberte’s also – was able to learn without hindrance the state in which I had been driven by the sight of the charms they were now exposing naked to me!

Then we set to work to play the fool! to commit a thousand erotic follies! We took chocolates from each others mouths: with my lips, I set to work to nibble one balanced on the nipple of one of their breasts, tickling her delightfully in so doing. Then I made a minute and close inspection of my companions’ breasts, of the hairs under their armpits, also of what grew on their hills, light and golden on Mme. de Valencay’s, auburn and plentiful on Gilberte’s. They both lent themselves to these games with a grace and freedom that was simply charming. At each fresh indecency that she found herself committing, Gilberte blushed shamefacedly, her bashful modesty being increased by the presence of a witness. Having kissed with ardour all the charms that I had been comparing, dividing my admiration and tribute equally between my fair companions, I proceeded to cover with kisses the two mossy hills of Venus they were exhibiting to my delighted eyes. Kneeling in turn before each one and between her legs, my mouth played lovingly with their curling hairs, every now and then touching with my tongue the sweetly hidden slit, and eliciting from them little shrieks of pleasure. Suddenly, under a libertine inspiration, I took from the table two chocolate creams, and having slipped them into each of their cunts to their great surprise, I announced my intention of eating them there, and proceeded to do so taking Gilberte first.

“Oh! what an idea!” she exclaimed, quivering and palpitating with pleasure as my tongue discovered the fondant between the lips of her cunt and having dislodged and rolled it over her clitoris!

“Oh! make haste! make haste!” cried Mme. de Valencay, “mine’s beginning to melt!”

And truly, when I planted my mouth between her thighs on the lovely slit that she impatiently presented to me, my tongue had really to hunt for her chocolate, to dive and burrow deeply in the charming cleft, only to find a trace or two and the aroma of the flavouring. Oh! how delicious her flesh tasted, thus sugared!

With such erotic pranks and antics our desires increased and grew stronger. Mme. de Valencay, now quite wild with lust, took a candied cherry in its paper covering, and having removed the envelope she made me sit down – then kneeling before me she pulled up my shirt, seized my priapus with one hand, and with the other balanced the cherry on the cherry coloured gland which was rivalling its complexion. With smiles of delight she contemplated the result. – then suddenly, with sparkling eyes and heaving breasts, she moved her mouth forward and engulfed the cherry – and with it the head of my member, thus bestowing on it that most delicious of caresses which makes the happy recipient long to employ his mouth in a similar fashion and which impels the loving pair to satisfy their mutual cravings in a sweet “soixante-neuf! “Burning with this desire, I clutched hold of Gilberte who was busy kissing me and sucking my tongue, and was just going to propose to gamahuche her when she exclaimed: “Come, it’s my turn now, Angela!”

Forthwith Mme. de Valencay rose reluctantly, her lips moist, her face flushed. Gilberte immediately slipped into her place, and had already put my pintle (still wet with her friend’s kisses) into her mouth when the latter cried out. “Why! you’ve forgotten the cherry!”

Quickly Gilberte. blushingly repaired this omission, and then I felt my prick again put into her mouth and sucked with ardour! Mme. de Valencay had come back to her old place at my side, and while she finished eating the cherry she had taken, she watched with curiosity, whose pretty head was now bent down between my thighs. I slipped my arm round Mme. de Valencay’s waist, – our lips and tongues met in kisses into which I strove to put the burning pleasure that I was tasting from Gilberte! But I wanted something more! I wanted with my mouth to pass on to her exquisite sensations that were thrilling through me!

“Do let me do “minette” to you!” I murmured.

“All right,” she replied, “but not here, as we now are! Let’s go to the bed!”

This forced Gilberte to interrupt her ardent suction, – and when she had risen from between my thighs, I lovingly kissed her lips still fragrant with the scent of the fruit she had just eaten. And so we moved towards the bed. As we reached it, I begged the ladies to take off their chemises.

“No!” replied Mme. de Valencay, “but this will be better still!”

Cognisant of Mme. de Saint-Edme’s forethought in matters erotic, she opened a drawer and took out two dressing-gowns made of the thinnest and most transparent material possible to image, one black and the other rose-tint.

“The black one will suit me as I am blonde,” she said, – “don’t look!”

She let her chemise slip down and replaced it by the dressing-gown, the transparency of which seemed to heighten the brilliant hue of her skin without in any way veiling the nakedness, but making it more piquant still! Moreover she did not fasten it in front, – but on the contrary she allowed it to float open on each side of her – thus displaying her lovely body naked from her stockings to the velvet ribbon round her throat! In this adorable costume, she placed herself in front of me and saluted me in military fashion.

“All in order, Monsieur!” she said – “see! I’m naked – yet I’m – not!”

My cousin slipped on the rose-tinted dressing-gown.

“I’m absolutely naked in this!” she exclaimed laughing!

“That is exactly as you ought to be!” I replied smiling.

Being then stretched out on the bed between my two pretty guardians whom I kissed and felt all over while their little hands contended for the control over my member, I was trying to decide which one of them I would choose in which to extinguish the fires of my concupiscence – when Angela who then was holding my prick tightly with her fingers, said:

“Who is to have this first?”

“Better draw for it!” I replied, “guess how many?” – and I took in my hand a lot of hairpins. Gilberte’s guess was the nearest.

“Don’t forget me, Gilberte!” said her friend, – “leave a little for me!”

But as I began to place myself between Gilberte’s legs so as to put my prick into her cunt and fuck her, she appeared surprised, – then declared that she understood that she was to do what she had been doing to me on the sofa, viz, suck my prick!

“For you know,” she explained, “Angela won’t do anything else!”

“Oh I don’t give me away like this, silly!” exclaimed her friend.

“Do you know that you are a charming and ravishing naughty little girl, just as she is?” I said, kissing her lovingly. “Well, do you also prefer... ?”

Her response was to gently slip out from under me and to lay me on my back in her place, – and as soon as she had got me properly extended on the bed, she, without loss of time, lowered her face towards the God Priapus. I felt her lips kiss the burning head, then her mouth envelop it, engulfing it deeply! Then I took up the thread of my caresses with Mme. de Valencay; I drew her to me, kissed her lips, and let her tongue play on mine.

“Let me dominette to you,” I murmured.

“Yes, dear.”


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